The Juliets

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Detroit Music Spotlight



Detroit Music Spotlight continues at Comerica Park on Thursday, September 9 at 12:15 PM prior to the Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox game. The local musical selection today will feature The Juliets. The Juliets are a collection of outstanding local Detroit musicians, including guitarist Jeremy Freer, cellist Kaylan Mitchell, violinist Sarah Myers, bassist Ashton Hopkins and drummer Jackie Phillips. Their new Album Self titled “The Juliets” is available on iTunes. For more information visit or


The Juliets upcoming shows:

September 9th– Smalls, Hamtramack with bars of Gold and the Summer Pledge.

September 11th– Dally in the Ally


**If you enjoy the music you are hearing be sure to tweet about it @OFFICIAL_TIGERS or #DetroitMusicSpotlight.


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Thank you so much for the great exposure! Just a few corrections…

*Jeremy Freer
*Sarah Myers
*The drummer is Jackie Phillips, and the bassist is Ashton Hopkins. Scott Masson is not a member.
*Apple Lossless is a file format – not the album title. The album is self-titled as ‘The Juliets’.

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