Detroit Tigers Off Season

Welcome to the off season Tigers fans. The Detroit Tigers are in the midst of planning the 2011 season. The off season is often as busy as the regular season in the front office. There will be no resting here!

Over the past few weeks the ballpark has been prepared for the winter months. The concession stands have been put into storage and put away, clubhouse is being cleaned out, and the field is being primed for the blanket of snow that will soon coat it.


The Carousel wrapped up in shrink wrap to protect it in the cold winter months/


Mickey Mouse.JPG

Mickey Mouse wrapped in shrink wrap.


Park ready for winter.JPG

Priming the field.



Service Level.JPG

The concession stands line the service level underneath the park for the winer.


The promotions department is creating new and exciting events for next year and the successful events from 2010 are being built upon. The marketing department is hard at work developing ideas and materials  for fans including the 2011 pocket schedule. Sponsors are being confirmed, merchandise is being designed and players are being signed.

Six months until Opening Day might seem like a long way from now, but rest assured, we will keep you in the loop. The 2011 Winter Caravan and TigerFest are only two months away. Several potential Winter Caravan stops are being visited next week! As we get closer to Caravan check out  to see where the team will be stopping. Below are links to the photo galleries from last years winter Caravan &



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