Comerica Park Fun Facts

Comerica Park has a seating capacity of 41,070 people. Have you ever wondered how many tickets are sold during a season? Take a look below and find out how many were sold this season and some fun facts about the tickets!


The number of tickets sold during the 2010 season was 2,461,237. Each ticket averages a length of 5.5 inches. By multiplying the number of tickets sold (2,461,237) by the length of a ticket (5.5 inches) you will get:


X        5.5




    The Detroit Tigers sold 13,536,803.5 inches of tickets last year!



In one mile there are 63,360 inches. By taking the amount of tickets sold in inches and dividing it by the number of inches in a mile you will get:



= 213.6 miles (1142.3 yards)

    These calculations mean that 213 miles of tickets were sold last season!


How far could you travel in 213 miles? The distance from Detroit to Muskegon is 197miles. We could stretch the Tigers tickets from the Detroit River all the way across the state to Muskegon on Lake Michigan and still have a few miles of tickets left! The tickets could take you to South Bend, IN or Columbus, OH. You could also stretch the tickets all the way to Toronto, Canada! Needless to say, that’s a lot of Tigers tickets!!


Thank you for all the support Tigers fans!!

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Of course many of the tickets were e-tickets. If it took 1,000,000 electrons to record each ticket sale and we give each electron it’s entire orbit Lorenz radius (rounded up) then 3,000,000 tickets times 1,000,000 electrons times 1 x 10^-14 m meters gives a distance of at most 3 x 10^-2 m. All the Tiger tickets would cover less than the length of a pinky finger.

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