May 2011

Justin Verlander T-shirt!

Hot off the press, get your limited edition Justin Verlander “2nd Career No-No” T-shirt. Only a few hundred of these shirts have been made. They are now avaliable exclusively at the D Shop in Comerica Park.

Detroit Tigers Baseball in Brazil: An Introduction

The Detroit Tigers are pleased to share a guest blog written by a student who is a Tigers fan  in Brazil. Below you will find an entry about  how recent Tigers events have impacted him in Brazil and why he is determined to share his passion for baseball.

Detroit Tigers Baseball in Brazil: An Introduction

With Justin Verlander’s no hitter fresh in everyone’s mind and the dog days of summer soon approaching, It seemed like as good of time as any to begin writing about my experiences as a Tigers fan living in Sao Paulo Brazil for the next three months.

My name is Adam Dietz and I am studying English Education at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. (Go Broncos!) I enjoy America’s pastime, watching movies, and peanut butter (on anything). My perspective will be unique because on May 11th I leave for a summer abroad in Sao Paulo Brazil to teach English. This is a tremendous opportunity for me in both a social and professional sense and as New York Jets Linebacker Bart Scott would say: “Can’t Wait!”

The ONLY problem with my departure is that it disconnects from the pipeline of the game that I love the most, more importantly the team that I love most. A team that has given me so many great memories. I remember my first and only trip to the old Tiger Stadium like it was yesterday, and the disappointment I felt when I realized our seats were in the obstructed view section ( thankfully not a problem at Comerica Park). My fondest memory, however, is watching Magglio Ordoñez hit his walk-off home run against Oakland during the Tigers magical campaign in 2006. All of these experiences hold a special place in my heart and for three months these are what will give me my “fix” when I struggle with not constantly knowing player statistics or team standings.

It is my intention while in Brazil, to spread knowledge and understanding of the game of baseball and make the Detroit Tigers the “unofficial” MLB team of Sao Paulo. I look at this opportunity as a chance to tell others of “April in the D” and the sweet swing of Miguel Cabrera. I hope to have the students in my classroom be able to tell me by the time I leave, Who their Tiger is and get them excited about the game that has given so much to me.
As your “unofficial” Detroit Tigers Overseas Correspondent I hope to bring you news of what it’s like following the Tigers thousands of miles away and the trials and tribulations that go along with that. I hope that in return, you can keep me connected and share my enthusiasm for the 2011 campaign. I look forward to this opportunity as it has always been a dream of mine to write about baseball. In addition to Tigers news, I will keep you updated any and all cultural differences that exist in everyday living in Brazil.

Next post will be coming sometime after May 11th. Wish me a safe flight. You can leave your comments here and follow me on Twitter @dietztrain or tumblr:

10,000 Scoop Challenge

PAWS visited Campus Martius to help the Salvation Army in an effort to hand out 10,000 free scoops of Moose Tracks ice cream.  For each scoop given away, Moose Tracks donated $1 for new children’s programming to The Salvation Army in Metro Detroit.  The goal was to secure up to $10,000 to fund programs for under privileged children in our communities.

Every Kid, Every Sunday

Sunday, May 15 the Tigers are giving away a Magglio Ordonez Mini-Bat for the  “Every Kid, Every Sunday” giveaway. Make your way down to the park for your chance to pick one up!

You’re invited!!