Sparky Anderson Number Retirement

As the number retirement ceremony to honor Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson approaches, many people are looking forward to the event.

Tigers radio broadcaster Jim Price: “It is wonderful Mr. Ilitch is doing this for Sparky. Sparky is an icon for this organization and the game of baseball.” Jim admired the way Sparky handled himself in the media…he was a “real” person.

Rod Allen, Tigers TV broadcaster: “It speaks volumes about the organization and the way we honor former players and managers”. The most significant thing Rod said he learned from Sparky was accountability. Sparky taught him that is was important to go out and do your job to your fullest ability every day.

Join the Tigers on Sunday, June 26th for the special pre-game ceremony to retire #11 in honor of Sparky Anderson. To get your tickets click HERE.


Sparky was one of the greats. When the Tigers got him they went to a whole new level. I just wish he would have gone into the hall as a tiger.. Like he had said he would.

what time doe’s the ceremony start?


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