Authentic Thursday

Marv Owen 1934 road uniform

Marv Owen played nine seasons in Major League Baseball , six of those seasons with the Detroit Tigers (1931, 1933-37).  During the mid-1930s, as third baseman Owen was part of one of the best hitting infield combinations in Tigers’ history.  With Hank Greenberg at first, Charlie Gehringer at second, Billy Rogell at shortstop and Owens at third, the 1934 Tigers infield collected 769 hits.  Owen batted .317 and drove in 96 runs.  Owen was also a good fielder.  In 1934, he led American League third basemen in putouts with 202, and he also was involved with a career high of 33 double plays that season.

Led by the hard-hitting infield, the Tigers won the American League pennant in 1934.  Owen wore this uniform while playing in the 1934 World Series games 3, 4, and 5 held at the St. Louis Cardinal’s Sportsman’s Park.  In game 7 of the Series played at Navin Field, Owen was involved with a celebrated scrap at third base.  In the top of the 6th inning with the Tigers already losing 7-0, Ducky Medwick of the Cardinals hit a triple with a man on base, which scored another run.  A few minutes later Medwick scored a ninth run on a single by Ripper Collins.  On his triple, Medwick had slid hard into Owen at third base.  Fans were already frustrated with the losing score and felt the aggressive slide was unnecessary.  The fans pelted Medwick with fruit, vegetables, bottles and anything else they could get their hands on.  Baseball Commissioner Judge Landis ordered Medwick removed from the game to preserve the peace and protect Medwick.

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Wow! Really fascinating to see this. It’s great that the Tigers have these objects in their archives. Thanks for sharing!

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