Several fans keep asking…

Several fans keep asking for a list of the player “puns” the Tigers use at the ballpark during the season. For your enjoyment we have listed all of them below. We hope it brings back great memories and gets you ready for 2012 Tigers baseball!

Doug Fister-         “Twisted Fister” or “Raise your Fister”

Rick Porcello-       “Say Porcello to my little friend”

Max Scherzer-      “MAXed Out” or “For Scherzer”

Jacob Turner-       “Jacob Turner Overdrive”

Jose Valverde-      “Papa Grande”

Justin Verlander-  “Justin-credible”

Alex Avila-           “Livin Avila Loca”

Gerald Laird-        “Into the Dragons Laird”

Victor Martinez-    “Victor-ious”, “V-Mart”

Miguel Cabrera-    “Ca-BOOM”, “Miggy”, “Cabby”

Brandon Inge-      “INGEnius”, “The Notorious I.N.G.E.”

Jhonny Peralta-     “Jhonny B. Good”

Brennan Boesch-   “Oh My Boesch”, “Boesched In” or “Brennan Bash”

Andy Dirks-          “The Andy Man Can”

Austin Jackson-     “Austin Powers” or “Action Jackson”

Ryan Raburn-       “Raburn-ing down the house”

Clete Thomas-      “Sweet Clete”

Delmon Young-     “DELMONster-Shot” or “Forever Young”

Individual Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 3rd at 10:00am


Also, Be Scared of Laird
If you play with fire you may get Raburn-ed

A couple of my favorites are “Mister Fister” and “Doin’ the Dougie!”.

I’ve got one for Brennan Boesch, “Like a Boesch”

I think Dirks’ should be “Ondy-Der” in reference to his legendary status in the Dominican.

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