2012 Pocket Schedule Art Work

Take a look at the six different pocket schedule covers circulating throughout the metro Detroit area. Can you collect all of them?

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Which one is your favorite?


I love that every year there are several different players pictured on the schedules, I hope they continue this practice.


Gotta love them all! But my favorite is of Verlander. Too bad I live in AZ now and can’t collect them out here…lol

How can you get one if you live in Cincinnati?? Verlander is the best!

Justin Verlander-the ace on the mound!!!

Jhonny Peralta`s is by far the best.

The one with Miggy is my favorite – he’s my Tiger! I like that all of them feature players who’ve been with the team for awhile.

Avila looks MEAN! Love it!

Verlander is our guy and the face of the organization right now. Of course the Alex Avila looks tough which “The D ” is all about but in the end got to go with the MVP!

I love them all. Where can I find a schedule in the Ludington area?

Alex Avila is my fag.

That was supposed to say Alex Avila. Is my fav. Auto correct changed it.

From one catcher to another..They have a hard job!! Go Alex Avila…go!!

AVILA is my choice….

AVILA 1st, CABRERA 2nd…..

Justin Verlander is my favorite.!

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