Tigers Host Screening of “42” for Detroit High School Students

What was is like to be Jackie Robinson in 1947?

That is the question that over 200 Detroit Edison Public School Academy Students were asked on Friday, May 10 as the Detroit Tigers and Major League Baseball held a private screening of the acclaimed movie “42” at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.


After the movie, three students from the school shared their thoughts on Jackie Robinson and “42” before listening to a roundtable with distinguished guests that included, FOX Sports Detroit analyst and former Major League Baseball player Rod Allen, Jackie Robinson Foundation Alumnus Shani Allison, Detroit News Sports Columnist and radio personality on WXYT-FM Terry Foster, Vice President of Community and Public Affairs for the Detroit Tigers Elaine Lewis, and former Negro Leagues player Ron Teasley.

Each shared their own unique perspective on the impact Jackie Robinson had on their lives, and how they have each become successful in their personal and professional careers.

The students then posed for a photo with their “42” movie posters and patches before returning to school to discuss the lessons learned from the movie.

To learn more about Jackie Robinson and the Jackie Robinson Foundation visit http://www.jackierobinson.org.

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