Photo Recap: May 24-27

The Memorial Day weekend was a busy one at Comerica Park, as the Tigers hosted games against the Minnesota Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates.

The team also celebrated several special events at the ballpark. Beginning on Friday, May 14 with the 43rd annual Polish-American Night at Comerica Park. Bands filled the concourse and hundreds of traditional Polish dancers took to the field in costume to celebrate the night.

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On Saturday, May 25 the Tigers celebrated the 45th Anniversary of the 1968 World Champion Tigers. Featuring a special roundtable discussion on the Big Cat Court followed by a moving on-field ceremony, the entire day was a tribute to the contributions to the boys of summer from 1968.

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On Memorial Day, the Tigers hosted a special Veterans Recognition Game. More than 1,500 tickets were donated to the event and many of the veterans were invited on to the field for a special ceremony. The Tigers and their opponent the Pittsburgh Pirates also wore special uniforms in honor of Memorial Day.

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Great pictures!! Thrilled that they were posted. I do wish though that names would have been included under the pictures so that we knew who we were looking at. They have all changed alot in the last 45 years. Will any of these pictures be available for sale??? I have a large collection of 1968 stuff and hope to add some of these to my stash. Thanks and GO TIGERS!!!

Can you send me the names of the 68 Tigers that attended? There’s a few I don’t recognize.

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