Scenes from our Eighth Annual ¡Fiesta Tigres! Celebration

Yesterday, the Tigers held their eighth annual ¡Fiesta Tigres! celebration at Comerica Park.  The evening included Latin dancing, music and much more. Plus, 1984 World Series Champion Juan Berenguer was inducted into the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Hall of Fame in a special pre-game, on-field ceremony prior to the Tigers game vs. the Chicago White Sox. Plus, for the first time since 1960, Detroit Tigers players wore an alternate home uniform with “Tigres” inscribed across the chest to celebrate ¡Fiesta Tigres!


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“For the first time since 1960, the Tigers wore an alternate home uniform…”

Do the Detroit Stars uniforms for the Tigers’annual Negro Leagues celebration not count as an alternate jersey? How about the silly futuristic uniform they wore for one game in 1999? Or the blue batting practice jersey with the Tiger coming out of the Ole English D that they wore one Sunday in 1995? I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m just wondering what constitutes an alternate jersey.

I may be wrong about the Tigers having a Turn the Clock Ahead jersey in 1999, but according to Wikipedia, they did have a blue alternate in 1995 (and I remember seeing a game when they wore it)

From Wikipedia Major League Baseball Uniforms page:

The Dodgers (a blue jersey once in 1999) and Tigers (a navy jersey twice in 1995) had worn alternate uniforms in the past, but as of 2010 did not have one.

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